Her stern copper face looks down on me,
Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi’s mother?
On closer inspection, can’t help but feel
That this is the Frenchman’s mad brother.

Bearing the torch and tabula ansata,
He invokes the chain of a broken law.
I am enlightened today –
Libertas is male: in shock but not awe.



About Poems

Someone told me
are not written
but fester in the mind
until spewed out
onto the blank canvas.

when published
are given away
so the poet
must learn
the craft of letting go.

were present
before you and I –
recited by ancients
to vast public crowds
or in the King’s court.

scratched as hieroglyphs,
paint vivid pictures
that lures the reader
away from didactic
mundane realities.

are the responsibility
of the writer
so when criticized
the author should not complain
or even worse curl up
in the fetus position
feeling blue for days.

do not have to rhyme
but can projectively
free verse all the way
to eternity.

can be be exchanged
for money
but nowadays many
say poetry is a dying art –
long live the poem.

Grenfell Tower: How many dead?

a tall charred tower

parades for eyes who wish to view.

& though I wasn’t there

people burnt in their rooms

while others scampered

the hallways.

some sought relief

jumping high balconies –

children, mothers, fathers, friends

frantically screamed

as a rabid fire uproots

a community and shines

a spotlight on a nation

(the richest will not cater for it’s poor).

cladding on the Tower,

and a Hotpoint fridge

notably mentioned

stirs this negligible nightmare.

79 deceased,

imprints on the psyche

but Brexit and May

storms back on the agenda.

the media complies

wistfully reporting failed safety checks

but others want to know who’s missing?

who’s dead?

who’s grieving?

who’s homeless?

who’s penniless?

who’s angry?

though I wasn’t there

a resident said

“we are not angry –

we are traumatized.”

No final Grenfell Tower death toll ‘this year’
Grenfell residents’ groups compile lists of victims and survivors https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jun/28/grenfell-residents-groups-compile-lists-of-victims-and-survivors

Staked in Canary Wharf

committed to root out
funding extremists,

emboldened by Donald Trump’s
war dance,
Saudis and allies blockade Qatar.

the Shard and Chelsea Barracks,

she bathes
in swathes of capital.

but isolated, critical investments
prompts London to ogle possibilities?



Black British

Golden leaves colour the grey cold floor I walk on pondering. Born of Jamaicans plundered.  My patois perplexes & my complexion: milk chocolate brown under the jaded sun.  Perfectly bespoke – broken.  I seethe on remembering my ancestor chanting a frantic Wolof song. He bashed his drum cementing his tongue to the roots. On the grainy pale beach lined by baobabs – I and I stood by but couldn’t understand the lingua. You know wa mi bloodclart mean?

People a long time ago made up their minds

it throws her campaign off guard – again

so she does not measure the drapes of the White House –

yet transparency lacks when it comes to Hillary

almost falling off her plane as FBI probe

release of damning new emails? New Hampshire roars

that once in high office a “criminal may be indicted.”

the cryptic announcement blinds the people –

Republicans rejoice as God wearily peers down.

Heathrow Airport Third Runway

If China has a stake in Heathrow Airport Holdings
Then I surmise the third runway authorized
Would be granted by Theresa May, naturally.
I am surprised that

Thousands of people die every year – air polluted:
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe in central London
But who cares?
The owners?

Ferrovial S.A., Qatar Holding LLC,
Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec,
Government of Singapore Investment Corporation,
Alinda Capital Partners, China Investment Corporation

and Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS).
Brexit? I can hardly pronounce those investors.
Plus 25% extra for bulldozing homes?
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.