1,000 Years

Prince of the Fallen, your time is


defeated,              you came down | swooped

upon the poor – becoming ever stronger than before .


elite amongst rulers tearing down

the continually accursed

these outcasts taught

a type of innocence of an  afterlife

in Paradise with

                    ܐܠ יהוה 



Allah الله‎
              the highest?


I do not doubt your noxious power  &  your greatness in the eyes of theistic

(mystical to me)

unchained – you and your cohorts

unfettered by  that “Thing”


the son in Hell

as on Earth

you are

decisively seen increasing human losses & adroitly stocking them up in the

empty storehouse of

pe’ulot HASATN =

Prince of the                      Fallen,


tomorrow you will dream, on the 999th year & a day remaining:

“for my soul be at rest in the sunne 

bathed in the garden in which beneath rivers flow,

beside the creation of knowledge,

the three of us Still


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