Security Matters


with difficulty

i almost fathomed

the true extent of Terror!

Big GOVERNMENT                                                                  unleashed ——————->

US and a not so united King/dom let’s say:

in towns far away dropping dimes for me.

the shards picked up by a Triple Colony + chums

the p i e c e s = sums:          $££$£$.



though I heard the Bomb explode

it did not detonate before my weary eyes.

i was miles away about to brew Tea

when the ground shook, rumbled

(we don’t have magnitudes here).


enough to royally propagate i considered

this idea #creatively writing, eventually –

a free ragged verse, no cadence, lacking

ELEGANCE, spontaneous –


pulling the cord of the slatted Venetians

blinded (and thinking of spooning),

my neighbourly peers dazzle me.

a sweet tasting Black Mercedes (I don’t know the model)

conjoined to his partner’s  blue Beetle

whipping up a glamour,

the mirror, so bright i can’t see myself,

but all together peaceful, quite:

& waiting for something to happen.


phoned home: &

my sweet little english rose left me.

romance slandered –

a bastard shame

Poem: Security Matters
Poem: Security Matters



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