Poem: Flee
Poem: Flee

He didn’t appreciate her offerings.
Why give me your pleasure? He would ask.
For your company others would be grateful –
So flee…

What’s the point being distracted by me,
You choose the path you wish to walk.
If you want me in your life I understand,
If no, then I tell you so flee…

He simulated their love and the friendship,
and used her for convenience of his own.
Her ways he deemed simple and foolish,
Seeing ripples not the stone in the pond.

He imposed his strong views upon her,
Though his words were empty and vain.
Show me your love! She would plead some days
He’d reply: I tell you so flee…

Three days and nights he spent with his friends,
Early Monday he returned to the gates.
His fingers flamed hot and his ruddy red,
From hours – crazy hours – playing FIFA.

The cold metal key fits, he enters the lounge
And steps upon the what? Floorboards.
Stunned. Silent.
Just the tick tick tick of his Sekonda watch –

A shadow of a note lies floating on the floor
Reading: Honey you were so so right.
I met a lovely woman a fortnight past,
Thank you for your honest advice.


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