Who is this coming In red stained clothes?

Young Syrian Refugees.
Young Syrian Refugees.

Who is this coming
In red stained clothes?
With Dual and long sword bathed in blood.

We heard loud reciting:
I will sit in the mount of assembly,
On the Syrian summit of Zaphon,

I will mount the back of a cloud.
I shall match the Most High
And ride upon his back like a Drone.

Mount Aqraa they easily ascended,
But arrogant hubris filled vulneratus
& descended back to the bottomless pit.

Now fiery infernus subter conturbatus
Stirs for your coming O’ Heilel Ben Shachar.
How art thou fallen for exuberence.

Exalting your dirge above the stars?
Bavel shem heard the groans & cut you loose –
Hashem issues shame upon your offspring.

כג ושמתיה למורש קפד ואגמי מים וטאטאתיה במטאטא השמד נאם יהוה צבאות {ס}

The Dominus greets the vulnerable dead.
Each one carefully guided to their room.
Spacious earth, the innocent migrate therein.

Cantankerous men flying clear in the Dawn,
Bad and worse becoming, worry not –
Left unburied like loathsome carrion,

In clothing gashed and slain by the sword
Or matter blown to pieces by the Snipers AK,
You destroyed your country, murdered your people.

How the oppressor is coming to an end!
Even the cedars of Lebanon gloat over you.
Let the breed of evildoers nevermore be named!

The vermin will plainly devour them,
In a den dug by their folk’s iniquity
A slaughtering block prepared for sons?

Let them not arise and possess the earth!
Then the world’s face will be shrouded by Quaid,
Communities laid black by tumultuous rage.

Extracts from Isaiah 14
نينوى Open the gate and let us enter http://wp.me/p2HqLS-p9


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