How To Kill A Cookie Monster

She was a cookie monster
with voracious appetite,
though I did not know this
at the time.

On the tablet of my heart
she confirmed her love interest
virtually every day for me:

“you’re the one” txt.
lodged into my psyche
she made me laugh as

I listened to her warbling
“OMM NAM NAM” in a silly voice
down the phone.
My spirit buoyed – she teased:

“me get this feeling   
when i see a Mars Bar on the plate.
want to grab it, want to eat it,
you know me cannot wait.

“me throbbing lips pulsated
dripping wet it’s fate.
want to scoff it, want to grind it baby-
see you after eight.”

Hidden from the senses.
This enchantment would be fleeting,
2 dimensional and not
bedazzling for ever.

Honeymoon was sweet, acutely benign –
steel boundary erected over years
breached by her smooth type: “missing you
hot chocolate” txt.

But it’s strange
how surfing monsters manifest.
I was granted Intel.
Her Sofic ways,

סופי An X factor of zero.
She’d been roaming &
www. blackcock-dotcom

Her sub seeping into my mail.
I tracked her down at work,
but already envisioned in my gut

the importance of logging out of
porn sites
in the aetiology of fantasia:
I confronted her:

“WTF! You cheating on me!”
“It’s not me. It’s the HTTP!”
“OMG! This link is broken.”

So I shot a silver bullet
In that zombie’s head.
ctrl delete history
But is she living dead?



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