Does anybody like me?

Websites & applications fuel
“internet addiction” a condition
linked to depression
they say.

The way we communicate
rapidly evolves –
an integrated component
of human interaction.

Physicians weighed down,
placed in position
to judge whether this internet
is positive or problematic.

People lacking self esteem
turn to social media,
filling a void, resulting
in increased cyber activity.

The journaling and linear
associations measured in terms
of time spent &
frequency of visits.

Thoughts & actions exposed –
peers elicit senses
as envy propels an array
of distorted beliefs –

That others are happier
& more successful –
the addict trapped
in endless isolation?


15 Ways That Social Media is Killing You @




4 thoughts on “Does anybody like me?

  1. For those of us trapped away from the world, oh, the internet makes us a home with contact to people like you. People who see inside a matter are rare. Nicely written.

  2. Sometimes the Internet is a form of connection with friends and people like me who have issues with depression and anxiety. There are times I barely make it out of the house. A friend from high school who is also on Face Book reminded me of something that helped me get through.
    Excellent post

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