Staked in Canary Wharf

committed to root out funding extremists,
emboldened by Donald Trump’s
war dance – Saudis and allies blockade Qatar –

in Harrods, the Shard and Chelsea Barracks,
she bathes in swathes of capital.
but isolated and the critical investments
prompts London to ogle possibilities?


2 thoughts on “Staked in Canary Wharf

  1. Qatar

    Standing beside her reputation,
    Sterling negotiator, exchanging
    That illusionary quality called money
    For Captives whose necks are drawn
    Pulled out for torture or torment
    Families squirming with worry
    Without a plan for someone to speak
    For fathers, brothers, sisters and mothers,
    Without out the aid of an ally
    Known in the region for freethinking,
    Smoothing decisive sandstorms
    Disarming the anger for greed,
    Always for greed of the captures.
    Soothing the sand dunes.
    Ignoring Trump’s apricot lashes
    He uses to bully and destroy.
    Their existence in jeopardy via his lies.
    Speak, Pentagon, of the truths that stand
    Above the tides of misogyny and hatred.

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