Grenfell Tower: How many dead?

a tall charred tower

parades for eyes who wish to view


though I wasn’t there

people burnt in their rooms

while others scampered

the hallways


some sought relief

jumping high balconies –

children, mothers, fathers, friends

frantically screaming


as a rabid fire uproots

a community and shines

a spotlight on a nation

(the richest will not cater for it’s poor).


the cladding on the Tower,

and a Hotpoint fridge

notably mentioned

stirring this nightmare.


79 deceased

imprints on the psyche

but Brexit and May

storm back on the agenda.


the media complies

wistfully reporting failed safety checks

but others want to know who’s missing?

who’s dead?


who’s grieving?

who’s homeless?

who’s penniless?

who’s angry?


though I wasn’t there

a resident said

“we are not angry –

we are traumatized.”


No final Grenfell Tower death toll ‘this year’


Grenfell residents’ groups compile lists of victims and survivors



One thought on “Grenfell Tower: How many dead?

  1. Truly a devastating time for the people of Great Britain. A betrayal by the American makers of the materials used in building. I have no poetry that can express what you have expressed. I can only say, I’m so sorry.

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