pacing past the bp station
price of oil scarce
in the news

a taxi speeds past
i guzzle a heap of diesel

i cough & cough again
(then jerked him
with the middle finger)

he slides alongside
the voracious pump
his taxi swallows fuel

i scratch my head
& shrug my shoulders
for glancing right

there’s a gleaming
nissan showroom
(“motors selling fast”)

vans & cars
paraded on the forecourt
vans & cars

i peer ahead & there’s
a long queue brooding

at the makeshift lights
i look up & sigh
stars are sparse though

a flashing aeroplane
glides through purple sky
i cough & cough again


don’t mention guns today

she steps over the crimson line
security guard swipes her
with metal detector.

tiny fingers retrieve
flowery pink pencil case
and her peers skip along

the narrow corridor
submerging into the classroom
where the history teacher

sits at the whiteboard.
resistant door clunked shut
and sealed them in.


This is America:

it’s bipolar

Ms Bikini SHORT
& her body building partner
claimed compensation for food poisoning
while on a Turkish holiday.

Facebook photos snared them
having a stonking time away –
face jail said the Judge.

Beefcakes to that.
“What a classy duo.”
A fit MUMS champion – sic.



allowed three men to resign
& sacked four, after more
revelations of sex exploitation –

downloading porn, intimidation,
prostitution & all that racket, really?
200,000 perished in Haiti –

2 million homeless documented,
yet toothless hawks
tentatively clamor for answers.


Oxfam pressed over claims its aid staff in Haiti used prostitutes
Holiday scammers who falsely claimed compensation for food poisoning could be jailed to prevent ‘tsunami of false claims’
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wrote with slender ballpoint pen
asphyxiated shapes intelligibly unleashed
into a spoken world.

Words garner flesh the ancients said,
can you hear the sounds?
but the eyes follow silent left to right

(right to left with difficulty)
recurring images imprinted
almost like clinically performed oratory.

Winter blues

Still pink tinted shapes
decorate this cold blue sky.
A white blanket covers the pavement, the street, the conifer,       the dead tree / sleeping
no warfare is present here.

When the pregnant woman from no.10
slams the door and walks,
she almost slips on the ice &
off to work she slides.

The snowy hillside on the horizon
picturesque with brown steeple
of abandoned church sticking out,
the peace is breached

when two Chinese children,
the girl clutching fluffy
black and white Dalmatian
faithfully swings

her brother’s hand
but he falls heavily
and starts
to wail.

Heathrow Airport Third Runway

If China has a stake in Heathrow Airport Holdings
Then I surmise the third runway authorized
Would be granted by Theresa May, naturally.
I am surprised that

Thousands of people die every year – air polluted:
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe in central London
But who cares?
The owners?

Ferrovial S.A., Qatar Holding LLC, Caisse de dépôt
et placement du Québec,Government of Singapore
Investment Corporation, Alinda Capital Partners,
China Investment Corporation

and Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS).
Brexit? I can hardly pronounce those investors.
Plus 25% extra for bulldozing homes?
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.

Brexit Aftermath

I see the Chief Economist towering over Brexit, as the common person reviles in benign betrayal while lifting toadstools in Tescos. Lamenting an experiment of overhaul: the imperfect structural coherence we knew to be reconstructed in beguiling new guise. The downward pound bumbles through the market, prices hiked and experts forecasting this exit who may? Politics cloaked in dark obfuscation, deflation apparently self-fulfilling, and this House of Cards they are building may dramatically collapse again.