Premia Fraud

The British Government,
Department of Work & Pensions
look after the most vulnerable
in society?

They admit an “official” error:
three hundred & forty million siphoned
from the jaded pockets of the physically sick,
mentally ill, disabled people & the jobless poor:
you soar to jail for benefit fraud.

Without getting technical on this,
some elements converted to ESA:
Employment Support Allowance.

Folk found it strange when they’re
suddenly paying for legal fees at court,
prescription drugs, dental care, eye care –
& gone are the free school meals for kids.
Premium cash vanished.

Then the threatening dental fines,
the prescription fines; jail because
you couldn’t afford legal fees,
or Tracy in debt to the school for meals

or bipolar Sam evicted,
she couldn’t afford the housing costs
or John with multiple sclerosis
scraping to pay for his own care?

The Government don’t care –
they cited a case in 2014
that ESA is one (though split into two) –
they only pay from the legal date due.

Another two hundred million siphoned
from the jaded pockets of the physically sick,
mentally ill, disabled people & the jobless poor:
you soar to jail for benefit fraud.

So, don’t call us, we’ll call you
by next year April the Government said.
I also heard they’re devising a formula
to contact relatives of the dead,

bringing them the good news –
that their lost ones are owed thousands
of pounds in underpayments.
Who wouldn’t turn in the grave?


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Ms Bikini SHORT
& her body building partner
claimed compensation for food poisoning
while on a Turkish holiday.

Facebook photos snared them
having a stonking time away –
face jail said the Judge.

Beefcakes to that.
“What a classy duo.”
A fit MUMS champion – sic.



allowed three men to resign
& sacked four, after more
revelations of sex exploitation –

downloading porn, intimidation,
prostitution & all that racket, really?
200,000 perished in Haiti –

2 million homeless documented,
yet toothless hawks
tentatively clamor for answers.


Oxfam pressed over claims its aid staff in Haiti used prostitutes
Holiday scammers who falsely claimed compensation for food poisoning could be jailed to prevent ‘tsunami of false claims’
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Grenfell Tower: How many dead?

a tall charred tower
parades for eyes who wish to view.
& though I wasn’t there

people burnt in their rooms
while others scampered
the hallways.

some sought relief
jumping high balconies –
children, mothers,
fathers, friends

frantically screaming
as a rabid fire uproots
a community & shines

a spotlight on this nation
(the richest will not cater for it’s poor).
cladding on the Tower,

and a Hotpoint fridge
notably mentioned &
stirs the negligible nightmare.

79 deceased they said,
imprinted on the psyche
but Brexit & May

storm back on the agenda.
the media complies
wistfully reporting

failed safety checks
but others want to know
who’s missing?

who’s dead?
who’s grieving?
who’s homeless?

who’s penniless?
who’s angry?
though I wasn’t there

a resident said
“we are not angry –
we are traumatized.”


Grenfell tower survivors believe ‘many more’ people died than in current official death toll @